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Refurbishing vs New cubical systems

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If you are in the market for new cubicles for your office but you have perfectly good ones in your office now but maybe the color is a little off or the fabric is old ripped and dirty. Think about gettingĀ  refurbished it is cost effective and better for the environment. We will refurbish any panel system such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Allsteel, Kimball, Teknion and more.

Refurbishing/ Re-manufacturing
You get to use what you already own and give it a new life with new fabric and paint. We have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from in almost every color under the rainbow and paint colors to match. This will give your office and company a custom look at half the price. Modern Modular can also reconfigure your cubes at a great price to better suite your space or just give you a new look.

Much more expensive than as-is or refurbished and in the end will look pretty much the same. You will have to wait longer to get the product shipped in from our vendors and then delivered and installed at your location.

Modern Modular is very experienced in refurbishing and re-manufacturing of outdatedĀ  cubical systems and is dedicated to helping our plant go and stay green. We can also order and install new or as-is at great prices too with your budget in mind.


Are you looking for office cubicles of good quality that are offered at affordable prices? There are a few avenues of looking for affordable used office cubicles that are still in good working condition. Here are some of the ways to look for cheap used office cubicles:You can purchase refurbished office cubicles.
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